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Hi There

I’ve used X a couple times, love the theme and want to use it on all my websites.

I have just purchased this website: The theme is still the same from 2005!

I’d like to keep the content layout the same but add in some on-page navigation to get around the page easier. If you look at this page for example: You have to scroll forever.

My question is,

  1. should I go with X Theme or Cornerstone for this project? As you can see from the pages, I don’t need too many on-page features and elements.
  2. What affect will either of these have on the pages if I install? Will my content layout stay the same? (Obviously menus and widgets would need to be adjusted)



Hi Matt,

Yes, you can use X theme for that website if you want, the pages/posts content will be the same, you might need to rebuild some of the pages as you suggested to be “One Page Navigation”, for that please check this guide:


Hi @Alaa

Thanks for the reply.

Do you mean I will have to rebuild the menus or the pages? Not sure what you are referring to one page navigation?

Which would be better suited for this project? Cornerstone or XTheme?


Hello Matt,

X is the theme. Cornerstone is the page builder. You can use cornerstone a standalone page builder if you bought a license for it. If you have X theme license, it comes with Cornerstone as a bundled plugin. If you will use X theme, it has 4 stacks. Those 4 stacks has predefined styles. Each can be adjusted to your preferred design. Default stack is integrity. To see each stack default design, see this link: That current content design will adjust on the specific task you will choose. Choosing X theme means you can alter entire site design. What you have right now, it’s content and how it looks will adjust on the chosen stack. If you will choose Cornerstone, since it is a page builder, you can use it to create new pages. All other content will still be the same.

Hope this helps.

Hi @Lely

Thanks for clearing that up. Just trying to make sure the content won’t be affected.

I realize the difference between the page builder and theme. As the site is so minimal, I was trying to learn if it’s necessary for the whole theme or if I can just go with the page builder and make adjustments to the theme I have.

Thanks for the info.


You’re always welcome Matt.

If you don’t want to alter any design of the site, go for page builder. In case you want to use predefined design, go for the theme.

Happy to help. Cheers.

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