New user: Where to begin from?

Hi sorry for writing this but I’m need to learn to use X theme (probably for rest of my life.) I have been using WordPress for at least last 5 years with experience of mostly front end customization (visual elements) but I’m getting lost with X.

I think a good place to begin is to try with demo contents (need your suggestions!) - I’m looking to build a website for my office (non-profits managing multiple projects) - if you have any such to get started from or get inspired from. Please do share.

Further, I went thru the 67-page long documentation, and sadly that’s just the documentation and not the guidelines - what I’m looking for.

Waiting for some positive words from X.


Hi There,

Thanks for writing in!

The knowledge base is the best place to start working on X.

If you are looking for sample content to start over, we have a variety of demo content already built with theme theme.
You can just install one of them and edit image and text to create one website.

You can check the live demo here.

If you have any specific issue or difficulties using the theme or editor we are happy to help you on this.
just open new ticket for each issue we will more than happy to answer that.


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