New interface feeling very cumbersome

Hey Everybody,
I’ve noticed that sometimes when I start a new page in pro, and I add a section, the new section is in the new format with so many bells and whistles, it’s cumbersome. (Sorry X developers, I know you’ve worked really hard on this.) In some cases, the classic section is in place which is what I am used to.I have no idea how this happens. But I wish everytime I added a section, it would default to the classic section.

Can I start with a classic section when I begin a new page? I would really appreciate some help/guidance with this.

Thank you so much.


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Hey Nancy, hold CMD (CTRL on Windows) when you’re adding a section and you can add a Classic Section.

Hey thanks Kyle! Much appreciated!

Hey Nancy,

I’m Matt from our leadership team and I thought I’d jump in as your saw your comments in the secure note. I’ve removed this thread from the main forum flow now so feel free to reply as you see fit.

Totally understand where you are coming from and I want you to know that I appreciate your sensitivity in the way your expressed your frustrations.

Right now, we’re working on an update for Pro that I think will address some, if not many, of your concerns. The presets that you have discovered will soon become much more useful for you. Our next release will include a template manager, where you be able to store styled elements, sections and pages with ease. You’ll then be able to insert those saved presets anywhere with the builder.

For example, let’s say you create 3 different button styles for a site. Instead of having to individually style each button, or code them up with CSS, you’ll be able to create each one once, save it as your own preset and then reuse it wherever you need it. Further, if you want to keep that button style for a future site, you can download it and then upload it for the next site, and so on. You’ll be able to create and keep a complete library of reusable elements that speed up your future development.

Further, we’re currently working through bugs that have been reported, and fixing where confirmed and appropriate to do so. And we’re looking at ways to improve the user experience, so it becomes more efficient and faster to work with.

All that said, right now you do have an option that may be of use to you. If what you’re saying is that you prefer working with the original set of elements in Cornerstone, instead of having the level of granular control that our newer V2 elements offer, and writing your own CSS etc, then you can hide the V2 elements from view. To do that, from the WordPress dashboard go to Pro > Settings and scroll down to the option ‘Content Builder Elements’. You can change that to just display the classic elements.

In the meantime, I’d encourage you to stick with Pro and wait for our upcoming releases. The next one, including the template manager I mentioned before, we’re aiming to get out this month. We do post details of our roadmap here in the forum and on our Facebook page and you may find them useful. You can see all our updates here:

If you do have specific issues that you need assistance with, do please continue to lean on our support team and they will be more than happy to help.

Or if you have any other queries or concerns that you’d like me to address, do feel free to reply.

I hope this helps.

Hey Matt,
Thanks so much for your reply. I had found that feature in the settings, and it does help to some degree. Below are two screen shots of the frustration I am feeling. They are side by side views of the text element (used on different websites) in text and visual view. The image on the left is from Pro V1.1.1 and the image on the right is from Pro V 1.2.7.

In each case, there is better and more functionality in the older version on the left than in the newer version on the right.
In the version 2 update, will we be able to use the shortcode within the text editor? Also please note that the text editor on the right is a “Classic Text” element that I selected and yet it does not have the functionality of the classic text element on the left.

Matt, thanks again for listening. I suspect you are aware of all this, but it does make me feel better to express my frustration by showing you specific details of what I bump into. Thanks again for your reply and for listening to this reply!

Have a great weekend,

Hey Nancy,

I just wanted to follow up on this and check in with you. I hope you had a great weekend!

I do appreciate the difference between the two text elements. In actual fact this was, to a degree, a response to customer feedback. Unfortunately, you are correct in saying that the shortcode generator has been removed from the newer version. This was a by-product of other necessary changes that we made. Shortcodes can still be used but not within the new elements in the content builder. If you want to use them from within a classic element then you can do so. You’ll need to activate this option in your settings first though.

To do that, go to Pro > Settings and check the following option:

This may help you to get back to a workflow you’re more comfortable with, but again, I would encourage you to be open to the changes we’re making, as it’s always our desire to make things better, easier and faster for people. Our upcoming releases will definitely achieve that.

Anyway, thanks for understanding, and for being a great customer!


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