New hosting provider breaks slider plugin due to PHP versions

I’m in the process of moving hosting to Flywheel (very sad that ThemeCo can no longer provide hosting!) and one issue that has come up is that their servers default to the newer PHP 7.1 version, and the Portfolio Slideshow Pro plugin that I use extensively on my site was built for a previous version of PHP that breaks when moved to Flywheel.

Can you recommend a similar slideshow plugin that is highly compatible with X and Cornerstone?

Thank you,

Hello @llart3,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Well I can’t comment on the functioning of Portfolio Slideshow Pro as it’s a 3rd party extension, but we do have slider plugins that comes bundled with X Theme ex Layer Slider, Revolution Slider. If you would like to have a gallery kind of layout, please take a look at Essential Grid, Envira Gallery, The Grid.

You can refer our knowledge-base section to learn more:


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