New Elements not appearing for plug-ins (revolution slider, envira gallery)

X Theme, revolution slider, enviro gallery are all updated to the most recent versions. However, when I edit the page in cornerstone and attempt to add the elements for either revolution slider or envira gallery, these only appear as “Classic Revolution Slider” and “Classic Envira Gallery” elements, no regular new elements appear for these. This Wordpress site if relatively new and I have not seem the new elements ever (so they did not disappear with an update or something).

I noticed an earlier topic discussing new elements not appearing as glitch, but then it said it was resolved with an update to X Theme. This topic was posted and seemingly resolved back in Nov. 2017.

The site is a GoDaddy “Managed WordPress Site”.

Any suggestions?

Hi Naydu,

Thank you for writing in, but sorry I am not entirely certain of your issue.

The “Classic Revolution Slider” and “Classic Envira Gallery” are the correct element for inserting Revolution Slider and Envira Gallery respectively on your page. This is the only purpose of these elements to output the widgets they represent.

If you need to create/edit a Revolution Slider or Envira Gallery then you need to do that on their own respective dashboard panels.

Extension - Revolution Slider
Extension - Envira Gallery

Hope this shed some lights,

Thanks for your help!

I have already set up the gallery and slide through WordPress… just needed to get them inserted into Cornerstone and it seems the “Classic” elements have less features than the regular newer elements.

I saw a video where the Envira Gallery was a regular element and not “Classic” so that really stood out for me. Not sure how they obtained it if it doesn’t exist. It gave me the impression that there should have been a regular element titled “Envira Gallery” that would offer more customization than a “Classic Envira Gallery” element. The same for Revolution Slider… I thought that there should have been an element titled “Revolution Slider” instead of “Classic Revolution Slider.” Especially since the description for all the classic elements say “Does not include advanced controls”… I see now that it seems these plug-ins are found only as “Classic” elements to insert into Cornerstone…


Hey @Commenoz,

That is correct. There’s no new elements for the bundled plugins. You might have seen a third party Cornerstone add-on offering such an element elsewhere. Personally, I have not seen one though. You might need to find what you’re looking for in CodeCanyon.


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