Nesting Columns

For our product we have lots of sections and columns built inside of each other. We trully love the capabilities of XPro. But I don’t see a possible way to do that and don’t want to be dependent on too much custom codes to achieve it. I saw in other tickets that you don’t have the ability but was curious to see if you considered adding this feature. Row nesting is definitely a must have for most designers.

If you don’t have plans to add it in the future, can you tell us a way to create this custom feature ourselves?

Hello There,

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If you want to create your own custom element with custom features, please check this out:

And if you want to achieve a nested columns in Pro and X theme, you might want to check out this video:

Hope this helps.

Hey RueNel,

I did see that but I only see option for classic block grid. There you can’t add elements to it, only html. Furthermore you can’t apply style changes there either and have to rely on CSS.

Hi @evolution1

I believe doing something like that is what you want:

I’ve achieved that by using “Global Blocks”, to know more about it please check this guide:

That’s an easy way to build a custom builder block with the regular elements you used to, then just incorporate them into another section/row you have as a shortcode using Content Area.


The downside of global blocks is that it requires you to leave the page. The content I want to add is specific to this page not to be used elsewhere.

Hello @evolution1,

Yes, global blocks does gives you the ability to design an element and reuse the same on multiple places in the website. However, you can use same element only at a single location then that’s fine too.


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