Need to transfer a few licenses

Hello, I need to have a few licenses transferred into separate accounts for individual clients. I’ll attach a secure note with the information for each account and the licenses to transfer.

Thanks much! -Steve

Hey Steve,

I checked the licenses and they have sites assigned to them. Transferring them will un-assign those sites and might cause updates to become unavailable for your clients during the transfer. It’s best that you notify your clients about this first.

Also, you are now allowed to transfer the licenses yourself which is recommended for your privacy and security. Simply go to your Licenses Page and click on the padlock icon beside your license to unlock it.

You can then create your client accounts and use each of the unlocked licenses for each account registration. Please also note that the account creation will also generate an email verification so in case you’re not aware of this already, you should notify your clients to monitor their email for the Apex account verification.

If the account is already created or for existing accounts, you will need to login to the account you will transfer to and register the unlocked license.


Thanks. I had already sent them a message saying they would likely receive an email to confirm their new account, but thanks for the reminder. :slight_smile:

I’ll go ahead and give that a try. Thanks.

(It might be nice, if possible, to create some kind of official thread for info on this if it doesn’t already exist. I did a search on the process, and best I could find was to submit that list of info to you guys. The ‘self-serve’ way is also nice, but could be more official/findable.)

You’re welcome!

This info can be found in our knowledgebase, kindly review the link below


Hi Paul, thanks.

Though I was referring to a more official page on what to do to transfer a license between accounts. Currently, you just get support ticket search results which all seem to differ a bit, and I didn’t see much reference to the ‘do it yourself’ method.

BTW, I was able to transfer all the licenses I needed except for one where they haven’t been able to find the email to authorize the account setup… yet. If they can’t I’ll maybe need help on their account. I’ll let you know.

Regards, -Steve

No problem Steve.
Just let us know how it goes.

Actually I will need some help. For one of the transfers, they said they didn’t get that invitation email. I unlocked the license, and it has disappeared from my account, but they don’t know how to access their account.

If you could make it re-send the email, or get the login credentials to them, that would be great. I’ll attach all the info in a secure note.

Thanks, -Steve.

Hello There,

Please see the secure note.

I think I figured out the problem… I mistyped his email. Is there any way you can fix that and/or re-issue the email? I’ll attach it in a secure note.

Thanks, -Steve

Hi @cgWerks,

I went ahead and corrected it, he can try it again.


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I think we’ve got it all taken care of now.
Thanks much for your help!

You’re most welcome.

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