Navigation Modal - Submenu not showing

Hey, when I create a navigation modal I don’t see the submenu points.
Do I have to turn them on somewhere or is this a bug?

Thx in advance,

Hi Phil,

Thank you for writing in and sorry you’re having this issue. This seems to be a bug or a limitation to the Navigation Modal. Let me report this to our Dev Team.

Please use the Navigation Collapsed for now.

Thank you for understanding.

Friech - can you elaborate more on this - where can I find this option and how it’s used?

Thanks- Todd

Hi @toddfmay,

Thanks for writing around! If you’re using pro you can find Navigation Collapsed in Header Builder > Elements (see screenshot)

Also please check out to learn how to use Header and Footer builder.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Nabeel, I should be able to figure it out from there - wish the docs were more “how to” based - that doc is a introduction more than “how to”. Todd

Hi There,

Unfortunately, there is no specific “how to” article for Navigation Collapsed. But the Using Partials article should give you a head start.

Hope it helps,

Thanks Friech - I swapped to the Collapsed Navigation for the mobile option, watched many videos on this - but did not find a solution where I can get the sub-menu items to appear, - I see the indicator that there are sub menu items. But when clicked they do not expand or appear - ? What Am I missing? Appreciate the support. Thanks Todd

Hi again,

Thanks for the update. I checked your mobile menu and the sub menus are displaying just fine on my end (see screenshot). Try tapping the arrow icon or menu item to display the sub menu.

You probably need to clear your browser’s cache and see if this works on your end.


Great - Thanks - got it all working - Todd

Glad we could help.



I’m just wondering what’s the status of this. Is the submenu issue on Navigation Modals still considered a bug that is going to be fixed, or a feature that will not be build in?

Hey @dhunink,

This is currently not a feature. This has been listed as feature request. There is no news yet if this will be added or not.