Navigation Collapsed / Modal have another toggle in the Off Canvas area

Hi there, something strange is going on since the latest update with my mobile menu and global block.
The update to 5.0 broke my mobile menu. Instead of clicking the burger and the expanding the menu (I set up a global block for that, so I could add more than just a menu), In the off-canvas area where I had that global block with a collapsed menu, I had another burger that I had to click to finally bring up my menu.

So now I’ve temporarily redone my menu and started from scratch.

But I always and up with the same problem, which is an additional burger in the off-canvas area which I can’t deactivate.
The only thing that works and bring up my menu without any extra click, is to put the global block directly into the header. But then, where does the burger come from and how can I edit it? Because in the global block-navigation collapsed there is no option to edit the burger.

And there is another thing: When I set up “graphics” or “images” for the top-links in the “navigation collapsed” in the global block setting, there actually is no option to change the graphics or the image. This setting is somehow missing.

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Hi @xoa,

Thanks for reaching out about this. I’m sorry you’re having this issue. I’ve renamed the topic since we’ve found this issue may also apply to the modal element. I can confirm this is happening with newly added elements and it has been corrected for the next release. We’re also investigating what can be done to avoid this when updating.

Meanwhile, the issue can be repaired with these steps:

  • Enable the Dev Toolkit from Preferences, then open it using the bar icon
  • Inspect the Navigation Collapsed element (or Navigation Layered element if using the Modal version)
  • In the Dev Toolkit window search for “legacy_region_detect”
  • Click the toggle to ensure that property is set to “false”
  • Save and reload the builder

Please let us know if this corrects the issue for you. Thank you!

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Hi @alexander
thanks for getting back to me. Your solution works for now. Let’s hope it will be sorted out for the next update.

You’re welcome, @xoa

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