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I added SSL to my site, and I have updated my images, except that the header navigation bar has been changed. Before the SSL, each menu item for my one page navigation (Home, etc) had a short blue line it which moved from item to item as you scrolled to each id on the page. Now the navigation bar has just one long blue line over all the menu items, and nothing happens as you scroll down the page. I have gone into Options > Typography > and reselected the link color to make it update, but the long blue line remains. How do I fix this?

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Thanks for writing in! It seems that all the menu items is the active page. Are you sure you have set up the one page navigation correctly? Please review this article:

​To assist you better with this issue, would you mind providing us the url of your site with login credentials so we can take a closer look? To do this, you can create a secure note with the following info:
– Link to your site
– WordPress Admin username / password

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Yes, the one-page navigation was working properly before the SSL, but the update deactivated it. I have restored one-page and checked my menu to confirm that the navbar links to ids on the page. Logins in secure note.


You need to replace all your menu item links to just ids.



Thanks, using the ids in the WP menu does work on the Home/Main page with one page navigation. But on the other pages which open in a new tab (link in Secure Note), the nav bar using ids rather than full urls doesn’t work at all for Home, Research and About because the link in the nav bar tries to look for the id on that same page, where it does not exist. The ids are only for sections on the Main/Home page. The nav bar highlight and links worked perfectly using the full urls on all pages before the SSL update.

How do I make the nav bar’s blue link highlight be separate for each menu item, as it was before, on all pages of the site?

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Thanks for writing in! You are experiencing this issue because you have implemented the one page navigation menu incorrectly. You are supposed to create two set of menus. One menu will be assigned as your primary menu which would contain ordinary links to the pages and the second menu will contain the anchor links like #services only. This second menu will be assigned as your one page navigation menu.

So I went ahead and created a One Page Menu. I edited your page and assigned the menu as exclusively the one page navigation menu.

Please check your site now.

Thanks so much, everything is perfect now!

The WP Menu page said that the theme only allows 2 menus total, and I had already added a footer menu so there were 2 already. I guess that means that you can have 2 menus per page, not 2 menus total.

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You’re most welcome.
Please be advised that you can have two menus per page. The Primary menu and the Footer menu. When you use one page navigation menu, the Primary Menu will be replaced with the menu assigned as the one page navigation menu.

Hope this helps.

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