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I am attempting to customize my homepage header. From the homepage, I’ve clicked on ‘customize’, then ‘Header’, but under the ‘Logo Text’ section I am unable to add/change the text. I can adjust the font, color, size, font weight, letter spacing and whether or not it is uppercase - but there is nowhere to change or add text.
I’m wanting to add a line of text under the ‘site title’ in a smaller size font.
I’ve gone to the dashboard and tried ‘settings’ then ‘general’ and changing the ‘site title’ will allow me to change the text for this area but it won’t allow me to add a separate line of text.
Can anyone assist with this?

Also, I have the NavBar position set as Static Top - I want the ‘site title’ or logo text along with the menu to remain at the top of the page even after you scroll down. It is keeping my menu there but not the site title/logo text.

I’m VERY new to this, so please keep any provided instructions easy to understand for a newbie.
Thank you!!

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  • The dashboard > settings> general will allow you to change the text for logo text but it won’t allow you to add a separate line of text because by default it is only good for the Logo Text and it is just one line.

  • Please go to X > Theme Options > Header > Navbar and select “Fixed Top” instead.

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

Thanks for such a quick reply…

  1. How can I add a line of text below the logo text? I’d like to have the logo text read the site title, with a short line of text centered beneath it describing what the page is about.

  2. I changed it to fixed top as you have stated to do. This kept the menu at the top when scrolling down but my logo text still scrolled away. I’d like that entire portion to remain at the top if possible.

3)Is there a way to edit the header via cornerstone? When I use that as the editor for the homepage that section is missing.

4)would there be a way to move the menu/and logo text to the very top of the page instead of in the middle underneath my layer slider?

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Also interested in the answer to point 2, about displaying the logo above the nav when scrolling down the page. Thanks.

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1. Because what you are trying to accomplish requires a template customization, we would highly to suggest that you use a child theme. This allows you to make code changes that won’t be overwritten when an X update is released. After your child theme is setup, please review how we recommend making template changes in Customization Best Practices.

After the child theme is set up, please add the following code in your child theme’s functions.php file

// Add text next to the logo
// =============================================================================
function add_custom_text(){ ?>
  <div class="custom-text ">
    <span>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer scelerisque eros eu pulvinar dictum. Nunc egestas massa at elit bibendum, cursus fringilla nunc faucibus. </span>

<?php }
add_action('x_after_view_global__brand', 'add_custom_text');
// =============================================================================

2. This may have happened because you have set the Logo and Navigation as “Stacked”. The fixed logo and menu would only work if you have set the header layout to “Inline”.

For other alternative solution, you might want to check out this related thread:

3. Cornerstone is a page building. You can only edit the page and post contents with Cornerstone. Cornerstone does not also alter the page layout. You can only edit within the content description area. It is not possible to edit the header or footer with Cornerstone. Custom Header and Custom Footer is a feature exclusively offered in Pro theme.

4. You will have to move your layerslider from above the masthead to below the masthead. For more details how you can add slider (revslider/layerslider) in your masthead, please check this out:

Hope this helps.

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