Navbar + Logo shrink on scroll

HI. I looked through the other topics and found Half the solution.

I would like the logo to shrink and for the navbar to resize (shrink up to the height of the top-level nav buttons only) on scroll.

The code I found in the forum changes the logo only.

@media(min-width: 980px){
.x-navbar.x-navbar-fixed-top .x-brand img {
width: 75px;
transition: all 100ms linear;

One thing-- I have an uber sub menu that I hope will still drop down over the body of the page on mousing over the parent nav button-- so any solution should keep this in mind.

can you help?

Thank you!!

Hello @satkins,

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Thank you.


For navbar resize, add the code below in Theme Options > CSS

  transition: all 100ms linear;

.x-navbar.x-navbar-fixed-top .x-navbar-inner {
    min-height: 70px;

body.x-navbar-fixed-top-active .x-navbar-wrap {
    height: 70px;

Then add this in Theme Option > JS


Hope that helps

That’s Awesome – it works great!

Last questions-- do I now delete the previous css that I was using? This seems to have complete control over the event.

and will this CSS and Java disappear if I update my theme?

Thanks again

Hello @satkins,

Please do not remove the previous css because it controls the width of the logo image. The CSS and JS given by @Paul is used to control the height of the navbar.

As long as you added the custom CSS and JS in the specified location, X > Theme Options, then it will not be overridden when there is a theme update.

Hope this helps.

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