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I created a one pager with two separate sites (imprint and data protection declaration).

The navbar has got a black background, white menu items fonts and in the states hover, active as well as you are at the corresponding section in the content the menu item gets a blue underline.

To be able to jump to the menu items from the two separate sites (imprint and data protection declaration) I set individual links in the area WordPress > Design > Menu. The urls are like ‘/#menuitem’.

When you open the site initially the whole navbar is underlined blue. How can I remove that?
Please have a look at the URL I’ll sent you in a secure note.


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You may have implemented the one page navigation incorrectly. Please be advised that the correct way of doing it is to create two separate menus. The first menu will be assigned as your primary menu. It will have links like:

The second menu will be exclusively assigned as the one page navigation menu. This particular menu is the one that will have this like: /#menu-item. For more details on how you can create the one page navigation, please check this out:

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

Hi there,

thank you, that solved the problem.

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You’re welcome!

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