Navbar changing as you scroll down


I would like to have a certain affect where when you go to my website you see this at the top of the site in place of the navbar:

Then once you scroll down the navbar reveals and becomes this at the top"

Any ideas on how this could be achieved? Just on the homepage.

Look forward to your response.

Hi Kim,

Thank you for writing in, regretfully this isn’t a feature offered by X. It could be possible with custom development, but this would be outside the scope of support we can offer. You may wish to upgrade to PRO instead as you can create that type of header with Pro’s Header/Footer Builder.

X To Pro Conversion

Thank you for understanding,

Don’t want to switch to Pro. Was just curious if you had the feature somehow with X or if any plugins came to mind.

Hey Kim,

Regretfully, we are not aware if there’s a plugin to achieve that. Maybe you can try posting in our Peer to Peer forum to see if a user has an experience with achieving that. What we know is it can be achieved in Pro.


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