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I’ve got a situation where my main menu has page links and ID links to sections on the home page. On first load both Home and the ID link are show as active. Any way to make sure it’s only active when the content is visible? Or just have it never be active? This only seems to happen on first page load buy the way.

see it:


Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! It seems that you are trying to set up a one page navigation menu. I would recommend that you create two sets of menu. One menu will be used for the primary menu and the other one will be exclusively for the one page navigation menu. In the primary menu, the “Documents” menu item will have to use as the href or url. For one page navigation menu, it will only use #documents so that only the home is active and as soon as you click the Documents menu item, it will make it as the only active menu item.

To know more about one page navigation set up, please check this out:

Hope this helps.

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