Moving to X from Enfold

I have a client that wants to move over to X from the Enfold theme.

With Enfold, there is a way to add product categories to a row. See this link:

What is the best way to mimic that section under the hero image/slider section in CornerStone?

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You can take a look at Essential Grid extension that comes bundled with X Theme. Please refer following tutorial to setup Essential Grid:


Hi @Prasant

That was the direction I was headed using that extension. However it appears to not allow me to add a category, only the actual products which is not what I want. Am I missing something?

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You can change it source type to custom ( ), then manually add an item with the URL of your product category (with a combination of skin editor to make sure it uses the URL). or you can simply add a section with 4 columns with margin less setup, then apply background images and add text element (with links) on each.


Hi @Rad,

I think that walkthrough you linked was outdated or I didn’t see anywhere that lets me use source type of custom.

I decided to go a different route.

I created a full-width section with 1 column and marginless. I then used the Woo Commerce short code for displaying categories. [product_categories ids="1,2,3,4"]. WC Online Documentation

Next I added the woo commerce template file content-product_cat.php to my child theme and adjusted it a bit to fit my needs, then brought in the appropriate CSS needed.

NOTE: I also just realized I was trying to use “The Grid” and not “Essential Grid”. I may investigate that again, but I have it working as stated above.

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Glad you have sorted this out. You’re correct, there are multiple ways to achieve the same thing - either by using plugin or the built in structure/elements. For more information and guide, feel free to visit our knowledge base.