Move x-nav to container

I’m trying to move the main menu out of the header region and into the main content container. On a desktop, it needs to span the main content section and right sidebar, above the title.

I can’t find the right template to edit in my child theme. I also upgraded to x-theme pro in hopes that I could use the header/footer designer to create this design, but I haven’t been having much luck.

I’m using the Integrity Stack.

Hi There,

Thank you for writing in, please inspect your Bar where your menu is placed and set the Outer Spacing to 0 and the Horizontal Flex Layout to center

Next, inspect the Container, set the Max Width to 88% and the Self Flex to Fill Space, also set the Horizontal Flex Layout to center if you want the menu to be on the center of the container.

Remove all the sides (left and right) paddings and margins you applied on the Bar and Container, or else the Bar/Container will look off.

More information about Flexbox CSS:
Using Flexbox
A Complete Guide to Flexbox

Hope it helps,

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