Modern Events Calendar Shortcode issues

I created an event (domain/event/). I am trying to style the Events section using the shotcodes (specifically, i am trying to apply the Cover View Classic or Slider 5 versions).
For some reason, the Events page (domain/events/) is not displaying the events/calendar properly (eg if you click “Year” the calendar starts at 1970 and if you click “List” i comes up empty).
In addition, even though i selected the countdown view to “show” the event page does not display the countdown clock (please see above URL).

Your assistance is appreciated.

Hi There,

Would you mind providing us with login credentials so we can take a closer look? Please provide following information:

Set it as Secure Note

  • Link to your site
  • WordPress Admin username / password



Kindly review the links below.

Hope that helps

Thanks for the link.
I created a new shortcode, “Cover View 1”, and pasted the shortcode to the “Events” page.
I am facing similar issues with the other shortcodes BTW In addition, the behavior of MEC suggested by the video is not similar to the one i am experiencing.
For example, if I select the “Full Calendar” short code (which is similar to the one one the MEC demo) i cannot replicate the same user experience (in terms of showing/hiding) certain views such as full calendar, list view etc.
Kindly advise

hi … any thoughts on my last comment?

Hi there,

It’ seems to be working here /domain/?page_id=1399&preview=true, that’s the test I made. I changed your shortcode setting to Full-calendar as in the video. As for the event’s index page, it’s an archive page where the content is auto-generated by MEC. Please try deleting your events page then configure your events skin through MEC Setting section. Like Full-calendar and monthly view.


I followed your suggested instruction, and performed the following steps:

  1. I deleted the “Events” page from pages.
  2. I deleted the original event
  3. I added a new event and published the event

However, no new “Events” page was created as per As a result, i had nowhere to post the shortcode to simulate the XTEST page you created. :frowning:

[in addition, I still dont see the countdown on the event page]

Hello There,

I have made some changes in your [MEC id="381"] shortcode hoping to see any changes in the Events page. I do not see any. Further investigation tells me that you are using CloudFlare and this is why I am not seeing any changes. Please login to your CloudFlare account first and purge your site cache. I would highly recommend that while you are creating or editing your events page, CoudFlare caching must be turn off so that we can see the changes immediately. Caching are best to turn on only when you’ve finished building the site.

For better results, please also make sure that you are using the recommended CloudFlare settings which you can find it here:

Once everything is in place, we can go back, change the settings in your MEC shortcode and see the changes.

Please let us know how it goes.

Requested updates to Cloudflare done … :slight_smile:

Hi there,

As I was saying, the events page doesn’t use shortcode, it uses MEC settings under Admin > ME Calendar > Settings > General Options. Assigning the XTEST that I created as your events page will tell the system to override it, hence, the shortcode within has no use anymore. It will be autogenerated based on the settings and not based on shortcode.

Configuring a shortcode is different than configuring the events index page, they are a different thing. The provided video is about configuring and using the shortcode and it’s not about the events page. What you’re trying to change is your main events page which is different than the procedures given in the video.

You can confirm that by deleting the content (the shortcode) of your events page and test it again, it will still display the events page with or without shortcode. Because the content is not relevant anymore once the system took over it to follow the main settings.

But I went ahead and changed your calendar setting in Admin > ME Calendar > Settings and followed the same setting you applied to your shortcode, to make them look the same :slight_smile:

Shortcode : [MEC id=“381”]
Skin : Calendar/Monthly View
Start Date : Start of Current Month

Now check your events page and it’s now displaying the calendar, maybe you’re expecting to exactly see what’s on shortcode? It’s not possible, events page is an index page of all events, it doesn’t have filter functionality and it doesn’t have Style option (classic and modern). That’s what makes events main page and shortcode based page different :slight_smile:


Ok. Super.
First I want to thank you for your support :).
So, I changed the page label from “XTEST” to “Events” and nothing got broken :).
Now, if i wanted to change the skin from “Calendar/Monthly View” to “Cover View”, I guess I cannot or can I? I attempted to do this via the shot code for [MEC id=“381”] but did not see any changes and the cover view is not an option under the general settings?

Hey There,

Please check out this video tutorial about Cover View.

After making any changes, always clear your caches before testing the site.

Please let us know how it goes.

Thanks for this.
Whether you follow the above video or not, it would seem that the issue stems from the fact that the “Events” page ignores the shortcode that it contains.
Instead, the look of the Events page is controlled via the Settings tab of MEC. As such, the menu there provides a number of skins that you can apply and those actually work (though not all). For example the List skin does not work. On the same list, the Cover View skin seems to be missing. Hence, the difficulty in applying the Cover View skin. Its like you mentioned above the shortcode and the page are independent of one another.
So the question is one of updating the list of available skins on the MEC Settings tab and ensuring that the skins that are already available do function.
Looking forward to your thoughts.
[Other views that are missing from the Settings page are Slider, Carousel, and Countdown views … all skins that are useful for a multi day event that stretch over a long period)

Hello There,

Yes you are correct. The Events page will be controlled via the settings that is because you have set events as the slug for MEC. The page slug were ignored and MEC took over the page. If you change the page slug of the Events page, the shortcode styling will take over.

It is just so weird beacuse I test the shortcode [MEC id="381"] in another page and it did not display anything. Please see the secure note for my test page.

It is weird. the test page displays the Cover View skin Cover View 1 [MEC id=“1388”] but is missing the title of the event and also shows the Full Calendar [MEC id=“381”] skin title.

Any thoughts?

Hi there,

You can’t apply cover view in events main page, you could only do that on shortcodes added to a standard page. Displaying them exactly the same isn’t possible, but perhaps, you’re referring to different issues now?


Resolved. Thanks for your support :slight_smile:

We are delighted to assist you with this.


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