Modern Event Calendar #pro_v1.2

How do i get the calendar to use the page Templates (Fullwidth or Content left sidebar right) insteat of beeing with no background on the page all over?
Cant find any options in customizer or Pro theme settings.


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If you don’t like the look of the standard /events archive page, you can use any of the included shortcodes with Modern Events Calendar and build your page using the content builder. For example you could create a custom page called “Events Archive” and add any elements and any page template you want, then just output the event archive on the page with the shortcode.

Shortcodes are available under M.E. Calendar -> Shortcodes within your wp-admin.

For more information you may refer to the links below

Hope that helps.

I have the same question - but I don’t want to create a different page. I want to use my “events” page for events. I don’t want a page called “Event Archives” or something like that. How do I stop MEC from taking over my page called “Events?”


You can change it under MEC > Settings