Mixed Navigation Bar (One Page Nav and Normal)

Hey I wanted to have a “mixed” Nav-bar. So that I could navigate on my First Page and also have normal Navigation like to my References page. At the Moment it is working if I stay on the First Page. But when I navigate for the One Page Navigation while I am at my References Page it wouldn’t work.

my Site is: http://5568017376107.hostingkunde.de/

The One Page Nav should work on “Home” so i could click on “Leistungen”.
Normal Navigation for every other Side.

Is this Possible ?

Okey Solved it myself. But now it is fixed I got a new Problem. If I now direkt to my “Leistungen” Page also the “Home” Page is Highlighted in the Navbar. How can I change this ?

Hi There,

Thanks for the confirmation!
I can see all of your three menu items are in active position. I believe there is some issue with the one page menu setup.
Please refer to this guide for help.

If that doesn’t help please send us your login . details to help you on this.


I tried this guide ( This is how I fixed my first Problem) Cant find my mistake for the aktual One. Login data is attached in privat on the Main Post.

Hi again,

For one page navigation with other pages to work, try adding two menus. One menu will be for the page that is using with One Page Navigation and one (primary menu) for the rest of the site. The menu for your One Page Navigation page will have relative links (e.g, #leistungs-sektion) and the primary menu will have absolute links (e.g., http://5568017376107.hostingkunde.de/#leistungs-sektion).

For One Page Navigation page, you can select the menu under Settings > Meta Settings > One Page Navigation in the Cornerstone editor.

Hope this helps!

I now have created another Menü (now I have one for the “Home” Page and one für the rest of my page.
How can I now set up whre to use wich menu ?

Hello @greeenit,

Thanks for updating the thread. :slight_smile:

Have you made the changes by yourself? As I see one page navigation and other menu working fine on the website. Can you please confirm?


Yey Menus working fine. But still got the same problem that if I am on Home that everything is selected in Menu. (So it is showd green. I cant figure out how to put a menu just for one special page!

Hi there,

First, please create a new menu in Appearance > Menus that will contain the one page menu links for the homepage.

For the menu items URL link, you can simply target the section ID like #leistungs-sektion.

Once you created the menu, edit the homepage in Cornerstone then set the menu you have just created in as the One Page Navigation for the page.

Then go back to Appearance > Menus then set the Menü Ref you currently have as the Primary Menu.

Hope this helps.

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