Missing Shortcodes from post page


Since I have done the recent updates the tab above the posts is missing with all the shortcodes. It included the pullquote and block quote shortcodes. It would open up and I could just paste the text and it would automatically add it to my text. Do you know where this feature went? It was part of the x-theme.

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It’s now turned off by default since it doesn’t include V2 elements. You can re-enable it from X > Settings in your dashboard. This will show it in the post editor again, but it’s no longer available in the content builder.

Any chance the shortcode editor will become available in the content builder again for X 5.2 / Cornerstone?
It’s a royal pain adding content to Classic Tabs (which have no equivalent in the new controls as far as I can tell) without it!

Also, the edit window is way too small:

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Hi there,

Thank you for the feedback. At the moment we do not have the functionality and as stated in the other thread you have we informed our development team regarding this and for the time being, kindly use the knowledge base to get information regarding the shortcodes and copy/paste them:

https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/knowledge-base-overview/287 (Check the shortcodes section there.)

Thank you.