Menu options

How can I create a menu like this one on Mashable using X Pro? Is there an option available I can use? This design wouldn’t work for my website but I am wondering if I can use it on another one in the future?

Hi there,

You can use the Pro Header Builder to create a menu like the one you mentioned at the top of the page:

You can add a Bar and set it to be Flex Row and add 3 containers which contain the Image for the logo, the Navigation Inline for the menu and the Social Media element for the icons.

Please read the articles under the Pro section of the Listing below for more information:

Then please read each element description I mentioned (Image, Navigation Inline, …) in the Elements section of the link above.

And finally to get familiar with the Flex system which the header builder uses please read this article:

Thank you.

Thanks so much I will!