Menu Not Showing

Hi @GeorgiaG,

Thanks for writing in.

Would you mind sharing us your URL so we could check your setup. Please make sure also that your setup updated to the latest version.

Latest plugin and theme version:

Updating guide:

Let us know how it goes.


ProVersion: 1.2.6

Still working on home page but the rest is there so you can test it out.

ProVersion: 1.2.6
By Themeco

PHP Version 7.0.25

Thank you.


Can you try the flex settings below for your bar.

If that doesn’t help, please provide your wordpress admin login in Secure Note(key icon)


@paul.r Thank you. I will have the client check since I can not see it locally and let you know.

@paul.r It may be a day. They are a non profit and the single employee has part-time hours but I will let you know. One effect from your change is that on mobile the logo got small and the menu icon is not centered to it any longer. When I let you know about the fix can you help me resolve that? Thank you.


We are more than happy to help.

If the flex settings I recommend doesn’t help please provide us with your wordpress admin login in Secure Note so we can take a closer look at it.


It did not help. They sent me a screen grab

I know after the server updated the PHP version for all (siteground) some time ago it made one of my installs with you unhappy and I pushed my version back. Just a note. I am not sure if one has anything to do with the other. Thank you.

Hi There,

That is a browser issue, I did check your site in 4 browsers and only in IE10 has the issue for the simple reason that is an outdated browser.


PRO is using some of the modern things like the Flexbox in CSS, I would advise encouraging your Guys/Client to use a modern browser (Firefox or Chrome).

I don’t see the issue with the mobile view, please clarify and purge the SG Cache and your browser’s cache.


Hi, @friech. do you think that if i tried to use mega menu it would have an issue or could it be a workaround?

Before I made the adjustment to my code per your request the logo was 2 times larger and centered on the menu button, Now it is small and pushed up to the corner. Is there a way to adjust that for that. I am not strong on specific views. Thank you.

Hi there,

No usage of the Megamenu would not help anyway, our theme’s support for the Internet Explorer is version 11 and we do not support version 10.

Regarding the mobile view, I duplicated the Bar you used for the header and used the Customize tab to show it only for small screens and the original one to show for big screens.

Then I changed the new bar from Row layout to Column layout to stack the logo and menu on top of each other for those small devices.

That made the logo bigger. Now you can go and do the final tuning there.

I suggest that you take time to learn about the tips and tricks of the header builder to be able to handle small devices such as the one you have mentioned:

Thank you.

Why don’t you support 10 and with what specific version of X did this change? I never would have used it if I had known this. I really felt it was a universal product developed for strength and flexibility. It is very disappointing to be told this.This literally was NOT an issue until the very end of my development, right at the point it is primed to go live. Can I go back a version of X? I really am trying to work with you on this and appreciate any help or information you can provide to getting a resolution in place.

What would happen if I moved it to X and could I do that easily. You do not post compatibility for Pro on your site that I can find but on Theme Forrest for X you do. I am a long term X user and had come to you after doing a lot of research for a client who hired me to find a theme that was robust and compatible with browsers that thier users in the business world would be on. I assumed that same backend support would be in your new product. For this specific development, what functionality would I loose besides the header and footer? Could I do an install of that and not loose my work?
Your statement on Theme Forrest: Cross Browser Compatibility – No browser is left behind with the X WordPress Theme! All modern browsers supported by X include:
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer 11
Internet Explorer 10
Internet Explorer 9

Thank you, As to the mobile menu I will read up and do some reading. If I get stuck - I’ll holler.

Hey @GeorgiaG,

We’re sorry for the news but since Microsoft dropped support for IE 10 and below on January of 2016, it is expected that browsers should be upgraded for security reasons.

Regarding our statement, we have forwarded it to our manager as this looks like it was not updated.

I checked your menu in IE 11 and it doesn’t show because of your custom flex settings for your container and menu.

Now I changed the container’s self flex to fill space equally and set the horizontal flex layout to end.

And your menu, I changed the self flex to standard.


@christian_y, Institutions move slowly but I will have a way to address it with them now that is positive. I deeply appreciate your assistance. Thank you so much for your help and excellent support in this matter. Kind regards, Georgia.

You’re welcome, Georgia.

Hi there,

There are many features in IE10 that aren’t present compared to a modern browser. And some features can’t be added, even Microsoft can’t, all they can do is replace them over and over. The theme is evolving, getting more features and there will be the time that’s we’re going to drop old browsers as we move forward. Other developers updated their browsers, but with Microsoft, it’s stagnant and always bound to the Operating System.

Hence, it’s up to you if you wish to use themes that have modern features, or themes with minimal ability. But I did check it in IE10 and the menu is displaying okay. So maybe it also depends on Operating System KB Updates (bound to OS) and since Microsoft already drop supports for IE10, then there is no way we can really confirm it in every KB Updates.

And yes, it should work with any shortcode, unless the shortcode doesn’t follow Wordpress standard. Should be using return instead of echo.


Thank you @Rad - Question-is this specifically about shortcodes or do I have a setting wrong?
“Should be using return instead of echo.”

Hi there,

It’s internal to the shortcodes so I can’t verify it unless I could check what’s in the shortcode. Which is why it 's very important for the developer (of the shortcode) to follow Wordpress standard. I think it should be okay, I only see few shortcode that still uses echo. That should be okay if you add them to the header :slight_smile:

But may not work in the content builder, some shortcode may add scripts and complex structure that the builder couldn’t capture, hence, shortcode should be integrated first in the builder. The simpler the shortcode, the higher chance it will work in the content builder. The same way the Revslider, EG, and other bundled plugins are integrated first before it can be previewed in the builder.


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