Menu not carrying over

I updated and deleted the code.

I added the code on the theme option css not the homepage and its still not working with the menu on being the same on every page.

Hey Justin,

It seems like you are ignoring what I said previously. The problem is with the custom code that is why I asked you to remove them. You’re using Integrity and yet you have a dark Navbar also coming from custom CSS. This is not your fault though. We should have told you this early on and did not gave custom CSS as solution as you can see, it requires the maintenance of a developer and that is not a part of our support to continue maintaining and enhancing custom code.

You will require lots of custom CSS if you’re going to invert the Integrity Light’s design that is why I recommended that you upgrade to Pro. If you can’t do that, you will need to hire a third party developer to implement all your custom needs.

Now to the issue, and this would be the last time I will troubleshoot an issue coming from a custom CSS. It’s because you have the home selector.

I removed .home and you now have the same background color in all your pages.

I also said that you need to update to remove the Breadcrumbs.

I understand that you don’t have CSS knowledge. But, custom coding is not a part of our support. The Pro theme was built to provide users with more design and layout flexibility for the header and footer. If you continue requesting support for custom code, I’ll close down the thread and monitor if you open new requests for it and eventually, I’ll have to forward this to our leadership team for review as we are way above our Terms. We are not only providing code as a guide but we are now engaging in custom development.

Thank you for understanding.

oh okay.
I have always believed that x theme gave css support to all… not sure when they made the change to you have to have pro… I’ve never heard of that.

Not sure what integrity even is? or when I opted to use that. Plus the breadcrubs have been removed not sure where you see they are enabled…

No need to get all worked up.

Cuz I did update xtheme and cornerstone like you said. But anyways thanks for fixing the menu.

We’re sorry that you thought that way, Justin. Giving of custom CSS has never been a part of our support service. We missed to add a disclaimer in the past that is why you and other users think that way. That had consequences both to us and the users.

Thank you for understanding.

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