Menu Item constantly "Active" state

Hello, I am having some issues with my Primary Menu, I have a Menu item constantly with the “Active” State.

[li class=“menu-item menu-item-type-custom menu-item-object-custom current_page_item menu-item-134”]
[a class=“e53-5 x-anchor x-anchor-menu-item x-always-active”]

This is a 1 Page website using anchors and #IDs to scroll on the page through the menu.

When the page loads, this menu item is already active and when clicking others, they dont change to “active”, its stuck on constantly on this menu item.

Any help would be appreciated,


Hi @freedomdesign,

Thanks for writing in!

I have checked your licenses page to look for the url of the site. I could not figure out which one because you have several licenses.

You are experiencing this issue because you have implemented the one page navigation menu incorrectly. You are supposed to create two set of menus. One menu will be assigned as your primary menu which would contain ordinary links to the pages and the second menu will contain the anchor links like #ID only. This second menu will be assigned as your one page navigation menu.

To know more about One page Navigation, please check this out:

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