Menu class Active in onepage with visualcomopser


use “VisualComposer” and a “One page” I would like the meu to be activated when I press a section.

In each section I use the attribute id = “section1” and the menu I have the link # section1

How can I do it? Since it only comes out in the home

My web is:


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Please enable One-page navigation first

You only assigned the menu, but not assigned as a one-page navigation. It should be under your page settings once you edit them.


I don’t see the option for assigned as a one-page navigation

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Please provide us with your admin account so we can take a closer look.


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You will have to edit your homepage in Pages section and find the “Page Settings”.
Please see the screenshot below.

I also noticed that you only have one menu in Appearance > Menus. Please keep in mind that with one page navigation, you will have two sets of menu. One menu is for your primary or footer menu and the other menu will be used exclusively for the one page navigation menu. Please review how you can set up one page navigation from this knowledge base article.

Hope this helps.

ohh! Perfect, thanks you!!!

Glad that we could be of a help :slight_smile:

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