MEC Plugin not displaying any events

I have searched through the forums and read through a few questions that detailed MEC not displaying anything, but most of those questions were using a V2.1.0 and I’m on V3.2.0, but even still the answer to those questions were never given more than those users configured something wrong, so I hope I’m the same way here and an easy fix can be provided.

I am brand new to this theme and I’ve been trying to hit each main element our Church will want to use to try and get an understanding of how it works and then how to integrate it all together, but I’m having a problem getting anything from the MEC plugin to display. I have gone into Pro Content Editor, added a Section, Added a Content Area, and then tried to add the shortcode [MEC id=“140”] to the area in an attempt to display my events, but nothing shows up. I have also used the WordPress editor to add the same shortcode since that was the only way I could figure out how to add the Revolution Slider, though I’m sure some more investigation into actually using the Content Builder will be in my future. More helpful walkthroughs how to use these builders like your Header/Footer would be nice (please point them out if I have missed them as I would love to go through them.)

Back to my question though, am I missing something for getting my events (and those added by the installation of the Plugin) to display on a page? I create a MEC test page to see if how I added my Slider to the main page was causing issue, but nothing is displayed. I did add breadcrumbs in the Content Builder so I know that the builder is correctly editing my pages.

Any direction or help in why my shortcodes aren’t displaying any events (or any text saying that I have no events) would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Nate,

Thanks for reaching out to us. I checked your events page and I see all the events (see secure note below ). By default Modern Events calendar places all event and the main calendar at your domain/events, i.e,

To add a shortcode in a page, add a Classic Raw Content instead of Content Area element and paste your shortcode in there. Make sure you’re using a right shortcode. You can find the shortcode by navigating to M.E Calendar > Shortcodes

I’d recommed you to follow this guide for the step by step instructions. Also see

To learn more about Header and Footer builder you can see

Hope this helps!

I must still be doing something wrong. I added the Classic Raw Content like you suggested and then entered [MEC id=“140”] shortcode in the content section which should be the Carousel View for the MEC, but I still get absolutely nothing displaying. I see where the events page is display my events, so there’s something else I’m not catching. Could there be something else I need to set up to get the other shortcode views to actually work?

EDIT: Looks like it’s the shortcode that’s not working, though I don’t know why. I can pull up the other shortcodes, but the one I want to use “140” is not displaying any content. Guess there’s an error with the plugin or something, I’ll try to find a different view to use instead.

Hello @springdalefirst,

Does your single events has a featured images? Please be advised that only events with featured images will be displayed in the carousel view. Carousel view cannot display events with no featured image.

Please let us know how it goes.

No, I didn’t have a featured image set, but I set one and I still get no display just the image below in Content Builder, and nothing on the main page view. I get a preview of the content with the other shortcodes. I’ll play around and see what I can do.

Looks like after setting a few more featured images, the display is working on the actual page. I’ll keep playing around as I know it’s working, just need to understand a little more of how the theme works and how things are created. Thanks for the quick help and the links as well.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

The Featured Image for Events is similar with the Eventimage and for all Shortcode wich provides to Display a Image from the Event necessary. You can PM me Private here I use MEC very often on my Page and have Experience with the Plug.

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