MEC PayPal Gateway Does Not Work

WordPress 4.9.1
X: 5.2.5
MEC: 2.2.6 (The error documented below was present on an earlier version of MEC as well.)
Host: Media Temple

The entire reason that I purchased X theme for this website is because of the addition of Modern Events Calendar for making reservations and processing payment. PayPal Express works on my website and PayPal Credit Card does not. I’ve checked and MEC Documentation does not cover setup for any PayPal payment gateways. I am using MEC to allow customers to purchase a seat in a class. There is only one price/ticket available for each event. When I step through the workflow and attempt to process a credit card, an error message is displayed below the Pay Now button that reads “Payment is invalid.” No other information is displayed. I have tried using two different debit cards and one credit card and they all produce the same error. I have confirmed that I am using the correct API Username, API Password, and API Signature. I am processing payments in the Live environment.

Through PayPal, I have disabled blocking connections made from a server not using an SSL certificate. PayPal has been configured to accept API payments in My Selling Tools and the Business Setup has been configured to accept credit cards and PayPal on my website.

Please provide assistance with resolving the error message “Payment is invalid” and assist us with enabling the default functionality of the PayPal payment gateway. It would be a big help even knowing where log files are written so that I can locate the reason for the payment error.

Hi There,

I can see the issue. Would you mind giving us credentials on a secure note so we can check your payment gateway settings?

My apologies for the delayed response. For some reason, I didn’t get the email notification that there was a reply to the thread. I have posted credentials in a secure note.

Hi there,

Thank you for the information. As you may already know the modern event calendar plug-in is a bundled extension in our team. The bundled extensions are added by a contract between us and the plug-in developer. We include the code and the plug-in the extension section, so our customers can make use of those plug-ins without having a purchase key.

Our knowledge regarding the extensions are limited naturally, as we are not the developers of the plug-ins and do not know the ins and outs of the code, but we do our best to be as helpful as possible within the limitations of our knowledge about the plugins.

For more information about the Bundled versions of the extensions kindly read the last part of the article below:

I personally checked the documentation of the plugin and found out that the payment gateway is not supported out of the box in the plugin. Instead, they use the Woocommerce plugin payment Gateway. For more detailed information please check the payment gateway section of the document below:

I’m afraid for deeper support and official support services of the plug-in, you will need to purchase the plug-in to have a valid purchase key to get the support from the plug-in developers themselves.

Thank you for your understanding.

I understand that this extension is offered through a contract between your company and the developer and that you are not the product experts, but your own documentation states that the PayPal gateway integrates “out the box.” It is the reason I bought the license for X theme and decided to use it for my business. Source:

If Themeco is going to advertise Modern Events Calendar as their own, which they do at, you really need to be able to offer support through the contract that you have negotiated with the developer. At this point, it feels as though I’ve spent money to license your theme for my business website under fraudulent circumstances. I just want to be able to accept PayPal payments as advertised.


I would like to check again and see the error first hand but we need your Wordpress admin login to be able to do this.

For now please make sure that the api credentials you have generated is for live and that you have set the mode as Live


Credentials were generated for the Live environment and the mode is set to Live. Credentials posted above have been reenabled.

Hi there,

I double checked the payment process and it actually responded with a success message:

The actual response is a success message, that shows the ME Calendar could connect to the Paypal and get the information. Now the message itself is Invalid Payment.

That shows the Paypal throws that message and you need to contact Paypal regarding this. The message is not generated from ME Calendar it is generated by Paypal.

You need to be in contact with them and ask for details.

Thank you for your understanding.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the code saying that this message IS being generated by ME Calendar, but it is the message displayed upon a successful connection? I just want to make sure I’ve got the correct info before contacting PayPal.

The ticket has been closed, so I cannot submit another post to provide final resolution in case someone finds this thread via search.

I contacted PayPal and they explained the issue to me. PayPal Express can be used by anyone who has a PayPal Business Account, but PayPal Credit Card is only usable if you are a PayPal Pro user. Customers can pay using a credit card using either gateway, but they will be directed to pay through PayPal’s website when using PayPal Express. PayPal Credit Card users are able to retain the customers within their website when using SSL.

PayPal Business does not require a monthly fee. PayPal Pro is $30/month.
More Info:

Hi There,

Yes, you are correct. The message is an interpretation of the ME calendar of the error. The plugin successfully connected to paypal to process payment but the information given (credit card info) might be rejected by Paypal. Usually for paypal credit card option to work, the card should link on your paypal account.

For the mean time, while you contact paypal, I will also add this on our issue tracker so it will then be forwarded to ME Calendar plugin developer. I will add a feature request for more description on the error. Instead of Payment is invalid, a more descriptive error message might help. Like why it is invalid - is the CC number wrong or which part of the information causes the failure. This process might take time but rest assured this will be taken into consideration. We will let you know once we have an update.

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