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Hi there,

Yesterday I updated my MEC plugin to 2.5.0 since I saw that the Troubleshooting - Version Compatibility, that X Theme was now supporting that version. After I updated. I checked the MEC pages and they look fine.

Today I went to one of my event detail pages and all the details are gone and showing my global sidebar instead.

I just reverted back the plugin to an earlier version via backup and still produced the same issue.

I am currently using X Theme 5.2.5. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Upon further inspection of my site. It looks like the sidebar that is appearing in the single event pages for MEC, is missing where it should be on our woocommerce/product section.

Hey @iccwebadmin,

Please give us WP Admin access in a Secure Note so we could check your setup and so we could replicate it in our test site.


I have attached WP admin access in a secured note below. Thanks!

Hello There,

I have logged in and investigated the issue. It turns out that you added a widget for MEC Single Sidebar and your Main Sidebar is empty. Please be advise that the shop page will display the Main Sidebar and not the MEC Single Sidebar. Please also add a widget to the main sidebar. Since the main sidebar is empty, it is just a blank space and nothing is displayed.

Please go to Appearance > Widgets and find the Main Sidebar area. Insert a widget so that it will display in your shop page.

Hope this helps.

Thanks that was totally it! I think someone else on my team might have moved that, because I haven’t touch that section in awhile.

Thanks so much!

You’re welcome!
We’re glad we were able to help you out.

Hi. I am just getting started with MEC plugin and have noticed the same type of issue on my site - where, for some reason, after (re)setting widgets in their proper sidebars, they seem to “migrate to” the MEC single sidebar and/or the Main Sidebar. Not sure why this is happening? Seems like I first noticed it about a month ago now and need to get this behavior figured out. If this is a configuration issue, do you have a kb regarding proper setup?

I too upgrade MEC to 2.5.0 but I have noticed this movement of widgets to MEC/Main sidebars before and would now like to figure out how I might correct this behavior? In checking the MEC settings, I noticed that MEC activation is “unverified” but assume that is standard when using plugin thought Pro?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

We will need to investigate in details for your case to see what is happening and how we can set things correctly for your case. The activation process is not needed for bundled plugins such as M.E.C. as they are part of the theme plugin integration, you can read more about that in the bundled version section of the article below:

Please add a new thread and there use the Secure Note functionality of the post to give us the URL/User/Pass for your website and the link to the place which you need to have the M.E.C. Sidebar and more explanation how it is mixing with Main Sidebar.

Please do not add the Secure Note here as it will be visible to the original poster of the thread.

Thank you.


I have removed your Secure Note here because the original poster could see it. Please open a separate thread and add your Secure Note there. Also post a link to this thread for reference.


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