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Working on this client site, I inserted some custom CSS (taken from the support forum here) to hide the Filterable Index bar on the blog page. That worked fine but now my blog page reverted to the standard layout instead of masonry and I cannot get it back - even though Masonry is set in the Theme Options.

Also, I have a menu with both standard & custom links but when loading the homepage for the first time it shows all menu items as in hover status - underlined & showing hover colour.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Site link:
Blog page:

Hi @pmaximus ,

Thanks for writing in!

I can see the blog page is showing the ESS grid short-code.

That means the CSS grid plugin has been inactive or the blog grid has been deleted from your site. Please check this and confirm.

Regarding the menu issue.
I have inspected your page and I found out that you are using one page navigation set up. Please be advised that you are supposed to create two sets of menus. One menu is for your primary menu and the second one which would bear the href #work or #wir will be exclusively used for that page only so that the active color bar in the menu items will work correctly. Please check out this documentation on how you can set up the one page navigation properly:

Hope this helps.

Thanks. I managed to resolve it by using Essential Grid instead of Masonry.

Another quick question:
Is there a way to add individual ‘headline’ text to each of the filterable index categories? e.g. when the user selects a category from the index, that a certain text is shown - a different one for each category?


Hey @pmaximus,

Regretfully, the grid plugins does not have such feature. It could be possible with custom development but that would be outside the scope of our support.

Thank you for understanding.

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