Making it look as shown

I bought this theme as I liked, and after much futzing about, it is apparent that I’ll have to make adjustments within the theme options to achieve that rather than being able to just import as shown.

Which, while annoying, is not a deal breaker… yet… but… what the heck are the settings for Is there a way to find out what they are? How can I begin to replicate this if I can’t even tell what each section shown is called?

Hello Chandra,

Thanks for writing in!

You are seeing the Icon 7 standard demo. When you import this demo you will get placeholders for the images. For more details about the standard demo contents, please check this out:

I am not sure which section you are referring to. Please be informed that the homepage can be edited in Cornerstone. Simply go to Pages, select the “Demo: Home” and click the Edit in Cornerstone.

If you are not familiar with Cornerstone, our very own page builder, you might want to check this knowledgebase article:

Hope this helps.

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