Making Blog Look Like This

I was wondering how this website was able to make a blog that looks like this?

I’d love to have a large cover photo with text on top of it like this site has. How would I go about doing this?

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The site is using the Pro theme but its gallery is powered by a third party plugin. You might want to use one of the grid/gallery plugins bundled in X and Pro instead. Please see the links below.

Alternatively, you can contact the site owner to ask what plugin they’re using.


They are most definitely using Essential Grid, but I was wondering how I would let the Blog page allow me to make the top of the page a full screen full width photo with text on top. The default blog won’t allow you to do that.

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Your provided sample site is X theme enabled too, hence, it’s through customizing the template. The section is added as part of the header and with enabled parallax, then added the blog title as its content.

Would you mind providing your site’s URL?

If you just wish to implement a banner like setup with static background (with no parallax) then I think a bit of javascript is enough. Else, it requires customization and I like to check your site first to see which stack you’re on.


Take a look:
(yeah it’s ugly and due for re-design :expressionless:).

I’ve created a regular page, and called it Media (you can call it whatever you want)
You then go and style the page as you would normally do in cornerstone (or any other way).
Then simply add Essential Grid where you want it to appear on the page.
For the Essential Grid, choose Post as source. Style it how you want inside Essential Grid editor. Pick skins, filtering etc…

So essentially, you can make the blog post the usual way, and they will show on that page, since Essential Grid is loading all the blog posts, rally simple :slight_smile:
As you can see, they also have separate page for each category…so once you click on the featured, it takes you to the new page, which have another Essential grid loaded.
So you would need to make more grids. (Either the same way, choosing posts for source and adding filters, or doing custom, and adding your own url links and so on…)


thanks for sharing your solution @beornbjorn

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