Making a Pro Header Top Fixed

I am trying to make my header bar fixed in Pro. I have read various suggestions. I have made my header global. Before i did that, I had found, in theme options, a pulldown that had Top Fixed, but it did nothing. Above it it said I was in Original Headers. So I switched to Pro Headers. In the header builder there is an option on the left for top. But I cannot find any way to specify a header that is persistent when one scrolls. I have one other Pro site. It behaves perfectly, but I can’t see what I did to create that persistent behavior. :–) Thanks for help.

Hi @johnboak,

Thank you for reaching out to us. The option you’re looking for is called Sticky Header. To make a header sticky just inspect your header bar in Header builder first (see screenshot)

Then under Setup section turn on the Sticky Bar (see screenshot)

To learn more about header builder please see

Let us know how this goes!

Perfect. What do you have for support documentation of the Header and Footer interfaces? They do wonderful things, but are mysterious to figure out. Thanks for your very quick reply!!!

Hello John,

Thanks for updating the thread. :slight_smile:

You can take a look at following article:


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