Make my 2 Columns the same Height

Hi! I am trying to make my 2 columns the same height regardless what screen Im on. I tried the different codes provided in this forum but they dont seem to work. I am trying to make this below the same height:

my website is:


Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! The column heights can be achieve using a JS code just like what is given in this thread:

The problem is that it will not work in your site because you are trying to have the height of the image the same height as the column in the left side. My best recommendation is to use the image as a background image for the column by adding an inline css in the column settings and also in the image settings an inline css which make the image visibility as hidden. I could make an example out of it if only we have an access to your site.

Thank you.

Ok thank you for the quick reply what can I do to have the columns the same height? Change the photo or text? or put photo first followed by text?

You can use Marginless Columns available under the Row settings. Please see this example