Make content dropdown look like navigation inline

I am using Integrity stack with Pro. I would like to make my content dropdown look the same as the rest of the navigation so that it flows better. This is located in my top header.

As you can see when they are selected the dropdown has an oval shape and the navigation fills the whole space. I also want the text to align. Is there any way to do this? I don’t mind using something other than the content dropdown as long as I can get the same effect. (using it so people can fill out a small form without leaving the page) Maybe there is some way i can make the navigation behave like a dropdown form? (I’m new to all this)

Hi Jane,

Thank you for writing in, I think Content Area Modal is better with a form, either way, content area and content dropdown has the same toggle options, configure your toggle to look like your menu,

Turn off the Graphic Setup and turn On the Text setup, zero-out the border-radius and set the background-color to transparent. Configure the text to look like your menu.

Navigation Modal
Navigation Dropdown

Hope it helps,

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Thank you so much

You’re more than welcome, glad we could help.


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