Make a full width row

hi see here

my page is layout full width

how can I make a SINGLE ROW full width (e.g. the red row) but with the content not stetched?


another question: what if I would make the images enlarge with a click on it? tnks!

Hey Mauro,

Please edit the page setting in the Wordpress admin and set the page template to Blank - No Container | Header, Footer.

Then edit the row setting in Cornerstone and disable the Inner Container.

As to enlarge the image, you can set the image width manually in the Image element setting:

And to link it, you just have to enable the link option of the image element.

Hope this helps.

ok for the row: i’ll try iy
For the image I was not able to explain well… I mean make the image FULLSCREEN by click on it… :wink:

Hey Mauro,

I believe you’re looking for lightbox functionality, please follow this tutorial to open the image by clicking on it. You can also checkout the demos here

Hope this helps!

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