Major guidance required

I just purchased and installed the new x theme for my website:

I was hoping to have my site look like the demo of Ethos 2 on the selling page. I have now come to learn this is not an easy task as I have limited website design skills and should have researched more before purchasing. I have used many free themes from wordpress for several years, but wanted something more refined and polished now.

Yesterday the site was functioning moderately fine and I was willing to leave it alone. Today everything is working and loading so slowly. The bottom widgets are not working properly and now I get this message"Your theme has 9 widget areas, but this particular page doesn’t display them. You can navigate to other pages on your site while using the Customizer to view and edit the widgets displayed on those pages. "

Also, the menu on a mobile device is not loading.

I am having a hard time loading background images to look the way I want them. I just wanted my site to look like this demo:

Also, now none of the galleries I had previously installed are loading and I ready to give up!

I am very frustrated and I know its my lack of skills. I am hoping to get support and guidance or maybe tell me a better way to get what I need.

Thank you for your feedback and I apologize I am so frustrated.


Hi Leyla,
Part of the reason your site loads slowly - a big part actually - is that the image on your page is 11+MB in size. Waaayyy too big. You should use an image optimizer to shrink the filesize down to something more reasonable. I’d check all of your images for the same issue.

Thank you. I will do check images!

I went back and deactivated most plugins and the mobile menu working again. I guess my question to everyone is how and what is the easiest way to me to make my website feel like this demo:

Pardon my lack of skills and thank you for your kind guidance.

Hi Leyla,

The first image you see in our demo is created using Revslider plugin and activating `Slider Above Masthead.

Then the images below it are being set as background of sections with parallax enabled.

You also need to select a No container template.

Hope that helps.

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