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hello x-theme-team

ist it possibel to set the link "über Pibella" inaktive, like it would not lead to nowhere, but the dropdown would open of course with all the subnavigation.
the other links like "Pibella Travel, Pibella Comfort, ..." would behave normaly, since there is no subnavigation.

thanks and best regards

... two more things: I'm using Icon Stack and in the customizer these two thing don't function:

Layout-Design-> Site Max Width | Site Width
Navbar Font -> Letter Spacing

thanks, ben

Hi there,

You can add the menu item as a Custom Links then set javascript:void(0); as the URL.

Please double check if there is no custom CSS that is added on the site that might be overriding the values set in the Theme Options.

Hope this helps.

great thanks, the first issue is solved.
I disabled all custom css and even changed the stack, but still could not change the layout and letter spacing.

Hi there,

Would you mind providing the admin details of your site in a secure note so that we can check it?

Thank you.


best regards ben

Hi There,

I've checked your website and I could see that the site max width and site width options are working fine:

Could you please double check again?


ok, seems to be a mac issue; it's not workinf on firefox, safari and chrome.
I'll try on an pc
thanks, ben

Hi there,

It could be a cache, and yes, please try it on another machine and let us know.


ok, I run different sites with X, so I found out it all works fine with:
X = 5.01
WP = 4.8.5

all updates sites with:
X = 5.2.5
WP = 4.9.4
have the issue above as we disccued - on Mac, I haven't checket the PC side yet

regards, ben

and same problem with: "Navbar Letter Spacing (em)"

Hi there,

To make sure that we are on the same page you go to X > Launch > Options right?

You should not use the Appearance > Customize as it is deprecated and will be off soon:

Thank you.

ok thanks, did not know this.
problems are solved - thanks, ben

You're most welcome!

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