Lost Footer!

Hello, I have a staging site where suddenly I have lost the footer. I have not delated it. How is this possible? I am trying to recover the footer from an old back-up. Since this is not a live site I am not making daily back-ups…
Thanks for any help!

This is the site:


Hey @RPronk,

I checked your site and the footer is being displayed.

I then checked if there’s an issue with the builder so I’ve added an element and still it saved successfully and the updated footer is being displayed.

Since you have not updated, I then tested adding a link with target blank and that’s when your footer disappeared. With that said, you should update to the latest version of Pro. For more details about the issue and the fix, please see the specific update in our Changelog: https://theme.co/changelog/#theme-pro-2-4-7

Please always check our Changelog to see what has been fixed and test the latest update in a staging site.

Hope that helps.

Wow thousand thanks!!! I will back-up first and then update see if it will fix it. I will let you know

You’re welcome, @RPronk.

Ok I updated, still no footer…

I have installed an old version on this domain: https://jittysamsterdam-academy.com you can see there how the footer has to look like. But I have mad some changes allready to the footer, this version is 5 months old.

I see I still have the footer as template in my current install but again this is an old version. I would need to rebuild all changes. How can I restore my footer how it was a few days ago?

This is a screen shot from the footer (old version)

Hi RPronk,

Unfortunately, you can not restore the footer unless you have a backup. You can ask for a backup from your hosting service provider.

If you want to restore that 5 months old footer you can do that by saving the footer as a template and Export/Import it. Here are the details:

Thank you.

Understood! I will manage it.

You’re welcome.

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