Lost content after Pro update


I had this ticket open about the same issue: Lost content after Pro Theme update

Content returned on all pages but the shop page http://dev.monroedesign.se/en/wall-decal-shop/ after update. Please advise.


Hi @Lobsterass,

It seems that custom CSS code is the reason behind your issue, please remove the code marked in the screenshot to get rid of this issue.

Please remember that we don’t offer any support to the custom codes and related issues.


No, removing that CSS makes the default portfolio show.

My porfolio page is a “regular page” with Cornerstone design, showing my portfolio with The Grid. It should look like this: https://monroedesign.se/vaggdekor-shop/

The only thing I know I’ve done here is to custom code it so that this button leads to the custom portfolio feed page instead of the default portfolio page.

Child theme function.php has this:

// =============================================================================

// Entry top nav change menu link to non-default portfolio and shop pages
// =============================================================================
function x_ethos_entry_top_navigation() {

if ( x_is_portfolio_item() ) {
$link = home_url(’/’).“portfolio”;
} elseif ( x_is_product() ) {
global $sitepress;
if ($sitepress->get_default_language() == ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE){
$link = home_url(’/’).“vaggdekor-shop”;
$link = home_url(’/’).“wall-decal-shop”;

$title = esc_attr( __( ‘See All Posts’, ‘x’ ) );


<?php x_entry_navigation(); ?>
<?php } // Do Not Remove Woocommerce Plugin Settings // ============================================================================= function x_woocommerce_donot_remove_plugin_setting(){ if ( ! is_admin() ) { return; } remove_filter( 'woocommerce_product_settings', 'x_woocommerce_remove_plugin_settings', 10 ); } add_action('init', 'x_woocommerce_donot_remove_plugin_setting');

Hi @Lobsterass,

The two given pages are completely different, the first one is the Product page and another one is a normal page and the content comes through the Grid plugin. The code which I referred is the reason behind the issue and making the content invisible from the Product page. The page is set as the Shop page, that might be the reason for your issue, I would suggest you select a different page and check.

Hope it helps.

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Thanx! That worked.

After I updated everything on the main site, monroedesign.se, ENG WPML translations are missing on:

  1. Some portfolio items but not all (even though they are made the same way). https://monroedesign.se/en/portfolio/setitup/

  2. Some blog posts but not all https://monroedesign.se/en/6-tips-for-choosing-a-web-designer-digital-agency/

  3. My FAQ page is not translated in ENg anymore: https://monroedesign.se/en/faq/

Please advice.

Hi @Lobsterass,

Great that it works. It seems that the issue is in your live server, I compared your dev and live server and found the following page is only having the differences.

  1. https://dev.monroedesign.se/en/portfolio/setitup/
  2. https://monroedesign.se/en/portfolio/setitup/

But unfortunately, I am not able to check the live server page by logging in, as it is showing the error shown in the screenshot.

Please check and let us know when is your live server is ready to access.

I have countries with a a lot of hacking attempts disabled. I’ve enabled Philippines and India now. Could you please tell me from what country you are trying to log in from?

There are MANY pages lacking ENG translations now. Portfolio, blog posts and FAQ for example.

Hi @Lobsterass,

I suggest that you copy your live website and create a staging area and disable the Wordfence there to further help you with your issue. Here’s how you can create a staging area.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

I already have a staging site but I haven’t updated it as it is a major project just to get it up and running. Instead, I have allowed all countries back on my site until you guys fix this bug. Please figure out whats wrong with this Pro update.

Hey @Lobsterass,

I see that the translations are gone but this looks like a WPML issue as it’s not only the Classic Elements that were lost. Your custom fields translation was also lost.

I understand you feel that this is an issue with Pro because when you updated, this issue happened. But, we would need to see if that is really the case.

Please first contact WPML support maybe they have an idea how lost translations occur.

Only if they have no idea, we need you to revert to the previous state of your site when your translations still exist then copy this version over to a staging site and we’ll be the one to update the staging so we’ll actually see what will happen.


Please see this as I still believe this another compatibility issue between Pro and WPML:

Blog posts and several portfolio items still don’t have their EN conent. It is present back-end though but it doesn’t work to save and republish them. Please try doing so yourself:




I have manually got my EN content back on FAQ:

Hi @Lobsterass,

I’m sorry, we’re still not quite sure why your translated items are not working. For now I manually translated that blog post by hand by copying the text content. When you say you manually got the FAQ working, what process did you take for that? Did you retranslate everything? Or were you able to reconnect the existing translation somehow?

At this point I think what happened is that the original translations were made outside of the builder, which means their content wouldn’t have been part of the page builder data.



The ENG translation was gone here. I translated it here using ENG text from dev.monroedesign.se and I had to manually fix all links etc.


Is this where you were able to translate this? It did not do it for me before. It said 100% completed but nothing showed up front end when I saved it. Some images were still Swedish before I fixed them now. I only have 2 blog posts in ENG so this issue is fixed on the blog now.


See how the ENG is there on but it doesn’t show front-end? This is by far the biggest problem on the site because:
  1. There are many portfolio items with no ENG showing front-end now.
  2. All links in the text has to be relinked manually and that alone is easily a full day of work.
  3. Some images are different in ENG version.
  4. Some portfolio items don’t exist on my dev site dev.monroedesign.se.

In other words, I would very much prefer if you guys solve this bug with WPML instead of having me redoing my site while I’m buried with client work as it is.

Please feel free to contact WPML with this link https://wpml.org/forums/topic/pro-theme-hides-some-translations-but-not-others/#post-7819451.

Thank you.

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Hi @Lobsterass,

WPML reached out to us today so we’ll be talking with their developers over email and can followup here as things develop. Hopefully we can figure out what’s going on here soon.

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Great. Yeah, someone who works with WPML compatibility replied in the thread saying that they were aware of this Cornerstone issue. I’m happy if you guys can figure this out because it is scary every time I need to update my site. Manual translations are not my favorite thing to do. Please keep me updated.

Yes, we will @Lobsterass.

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For anyone following this thread, I got this answer from WPML in my ticket there:

The issue was identified and escalated. You can find a description and workaround here:

For now, the only workaround is to manually translate the pages. We’re working with the authors to resolve this new incompatibility and I will update you once there’s a resolution.

Thank you!


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Hi @Lobsterass,

Thank you for sharing all the informations and we really appreciate it.

Hi Izzi,

Thank you again for your patience with this issue. I wanted to reach out and let you know that we’ve been talking to the WPML team and they’re going to explore integrating Pro with the Advanced Translation Editor. Hopefully we can work together to get things working properly.

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