Looking to replicate a website


I would like to replicate the look and feel of this website: http://www.chemia.uj.edu.pl

Can you suggest which stack/template might be good to achieve this? Sidebar menu is not all that important, but the tiles in the middle, being links to subpages, is what I am after.


Hello Alex,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Upon checking the layout of chemia.uj.edu.pl website, I think work revolves around designing the content layout. To get started you can either import Agency demo content (if you want a working sample website) or import Integrity demo content (in case you are just looking for a base layout). Rest of the work revolves around designing the page layout which can be done easily with Cornerstone. I am sharing few tutorial links from our knowledge base that will help you to get started:

If you would like to take a look at the demo contents, here is the URL:




Hi There. im new. Can i import content (graphics, icons) for integrity 1 demo?

HI There,

Those graphics are not available for download. Even if they were I would not recommend using the same images, what makes your website special is being unique. I do suggest searching inspiration on other wesbites specially if you are starting with web design but using the same images would be in fact not a good choice.

Please check www.freepik.com where you can download a lot of great quality images and you can follow the guidelines of the placeholders size to adjust your images on Photoshop or similar software and replae the placeholders on your site, creating a unique layout.

Hope it helps!

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