Looking for a Instagram Plugin - shows likes

Im looking for a Instagram Plugin that can show the feed images and likes

Hello @rotation,

Please be advised that you can make sue of the Grid plugin or the essential grid plugin to display Instagram images. You can install any of this plugin by going to X > Validation > Extensions. To know more about this plugins, please check this out:

And to know more how you can set up an Instagram grid, this documentations could help you:

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

I am using this now but not sue how to display the likes under the photo.

Hey @rotation,

The plugin might not be displaying the likes under the photos. This could be a limitation of the plugin. You may try other 3rd party plugins instead. You can always search the WordPress plugin repository:

Hope this helps. Thank you for your understanding.

thanks got it

You are most welcome.

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