Logo in the footer - 3 columns

Hi there,

Please can you tell me how to achieve the following in my footer:
3 columns - logo bottom left, some info in the middle, and social media icons bottom right - please see screenshot of another site as an example - the dark blue strip right at the bottom. (I’ve already created a new section with the navigation in.)

Thank you.


You can achieve that using PRO Footer

Kindly refer to the link below for your guide

Hope that helps

Hi there,

To confirm - I am using X theme and not Pro - will this still be available to me?

Hi @Caracarina

There is no footer builder in X theme, headers and footers builder is included in Pro theme only.

For X theme, you could make use of “Footer Content” area in (Theme Options > Footer) which supports both HTML codes and Shortcodes, if you want to take the HTML approach, then you will find this tutorial helpful:

Otherwise, you can use the columns shortcodes:


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