Linking menu items

I can’t link the header menu items to any new pages, I can only edit the pages they are linked to already. Is this how it is supposed to be or should I be able to just remove the current page link and put in a new page link that I want the button to redirect to?

For example the “about” button will take me to the original about page. Can I change this so it goes to my own About page that I made separately or do I have to delete the current about button and create a new one linking to my new page?

If I have to delete the original button, is there a way to get it back if I decide I want it?

Hi there,

Would you please kindly give us more context regarding the problem?

  • Which theme are you using X or Pro?
  • Where is the button? in the header or content?
  • Give us the URL of the page which the button is on.
  • Did you use Visual Composer or Cornerstone to add the button?
  • Read this article about buttons.

Thank you.