Lightbox to display html image link

How can I make an html link in a text block display an image in lightbox rather than opening a new window of new page?

Hi There @adubs777

Thanks for writing in! You can use Cornerstone text element and test the following example.

<a href=""  class="lightbox-go"> Show Image </a>
[lightbox selector=".lightbox-go"]

For more information about lightbox shortcode, please refer (


Thanks that works to display the image or thumbnail as the link to display in lightbox but I’m trying to figure out how to have some text be the link that displays the image in lightbox. Maybe something is causing the image to be displayed automatically like a thumbnail rather than text

Hi There,

Please provide us the page URL so we can take a closer look at what you have now.

That is the solution provided by Darshana is for.

display a text link.

<a href="IMAGE URL HERE"  class="lightbox-go"> Text Link Here </a>

Then a lightbox shortcode to launch that link in lightbox.

[lightbox selector=".lightbox-go"]

Please let us know if something is not clear.


ok great thanks that works I was just a little unclear that I needed to be inputing that code into the “TEXT” view of the text block.

You’re most welcome! Yes, the lightbox shortcode is a classic one which isn’t part of the builder anymore, adding it through text element is recommended. Thanks!

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