Lightbox layout broken

Hi all!

Wondering why my lightbox gallery looks broken when you open an image. Will send info in private.

Hi Aj,

Thanks for reaching out.

Please set the deeplink to false, like deeplink="false" , it causes layout issue.

Hope this helps.

I thought that might help too but it doesn’t. I’ve left deeplink=“false” for you to verify.

Hey @LemonSevensHealthcar,

Sorry for the confusion. The deeplink attribute of the Lightbox shortcode only attaches a fragment identifier to the URL so you each image could opened when visiting the specific URL It’s not connected to the issue you’re facing.

The issue is your Image shortcode setup is not correct. The src attribute accepts image URLs only. Please review our Lightbox documentation.

Here’s your shortcode setup:

And, here’s the actual HTML output. The Image shortcode’s src is the actual image element src attribute to it’s not correct to put anything other than an image URL.

The Image shortcode’s href attribute should also be an image URL because that is the one that will display in the lightbox modal.

Hope that helps.

Yes that worked, thank you!

You’re welcome!

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