I could like for embedded images in Cornerstone to pop to full size out on click. It appears there are Lightbox/Fancybox plugins that supports Cornerstone but I’ve not gotten them to work.

Being able to use lightbox adds an extra dimension to the usage and presentation.

Have you got any solution or guide for this?

Thanks & Rgds

Hi Knut,

There is an available [lightbox] shortcode in Cornerstone. No need to use third party plugins for this. See this thread for guide on implementation.

Hope this helps.

I don’t get this to work. Understand the principle based on short code, but

In the classic element.
src field = contains image
href removed
class: what should be put in this field?

The explanation says “Please note that the class the-image that you have added to the image element is the value in the selector attribute.”

What am I missing?

Hi Knut,

The value of the image class field is this:

Here’s a screencast on how it should it be:

Hope this helps.


Sorry for late reply. Been away. Still have not gotten this to work. I’ve inserted classic image, added the image, but I cannot

  • drag class the-image onto the field itself
  • there is no code or html box tied to the element that allows me to insert the shortcode for fancybox

From the video it seems you drag the class onto a content area below the image itself? Is this correct? Have tried that too but no result.


Hi Knut,

You can just click the class field of the image element and type the-image. In the video I just show you the settings of the element. Where the class is supposed to be.

The element where we add the lightbox shortcode, is a different element from the image. We can use raw content or content area element.

Hope this helps.

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