Licenses for Envira Gallery & Essential Grid


I thought when buying the X theme, the forementioned plugins are included, but both ask me for a license. Where can I find them? Or do I have to buy them seperately?

Thanks in advance

Hello Dennis,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

No, you don’t need to buy separate licence for Envira gallery and Essential grid. Please note that the latest supported version of Envira Gallery is 1.7.1 and Essential Grid is Can you please confirm you are running the compatible version of the plugins? You can refer our version compatiblity guide for more information:


It gives me the following message:
“No valid license key has been entered, so automatic updates for Envira Gallery have been turned off.”

My version is 1.7.1. I assume I simply don’t get automatic updates then?

Hi there,

Updates for bundled plugins will be coming from us once we made them available. If you wish to get direct support or updates from the author of the plugin then you’ll have to buy a license from them.

Plus, we have to check and test their updates before we release them. And you’ll find compatible versions here


Hi. Exactly how to properly install the plugins? I install envira from the Pro menu and after activating it it gives the message:

No valid license key has been entered, so automatic updates for Envira Gallery have been turned off.


Please ignore that message, we’ll be the one to provide the updates for the plugin.

For more information on this, kindly refer to the link below.

Hi, the problem is that I can’t install any of the addons. All the buttons are “upgrade now”.

Hello There,

Thanks for updating in! The bundled plugins will include the base plugin. If there are addons you need to install for the plugin, you will have to buy a separate license to unlock these addons.

Hope this explains it briefly.

Hi there,

May I know which add on? Some of the plugins have premium features that are only available if you buy a license directly from them.


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