License not being accepted on Theme

I cannot get the licence to be accepted on


Kindly refer to the link below

If that doesn’t help, please provide the following information in Secure Note

  • Link to your site
  • WordPress Admin username / password
  • FTP credentials
  • Purchase Code

Hi Paul
No error message comes up. Trying to send through secure note but the link doesn’t work

Hi there,

There is an internal server error and unfortunately, I can’t determine which error. Would you mind providing your FTP login credentials as well? You can get your FTP credentials from your hosting provider, if you’re on CPanel, then its credentials will work as FTP too.


Hi Rad

I’m totally learning as I go along what do the FTP details look like

Hi there, The FTP is the login and URL information which we can access the files of your WordPress installation to change things around. My colleague asked for that as he wants to enable the debug mode of the WordPress by adding a piece of code to the wp-config.php file.

You will need to contact your hosting service provider to get the information regarding the FTP access and share it with us.

I want to mention that the problem is that your website cannot connect to our servers to validate the theme. And that is usually related to a restriction which the hosting service provider impose. We need to check the actual error by enabling the debug mode to be able to determine what exactly you should write to your hosting service provider to fix the issue.

Thank you.

Hi Christopher

Is this what you mean

Hi there,

I’m not sure and it’s incomplete. These are the details that you should fill up

Host (IP or Domain name)
Protocol (SFTP or FTP)

Please forward that to your hosting provider and they should able to fill it up :slight_smile:


This is what I see on my control panel

Hi there,

That’s correct, but, it’s not working. Here is the error,

Response: 530 Login failed. Please verify the username and password supplied, and that FTP has been unlocked. Check your control panel or contact support for more information.

Looks like your FTP is locked and can’t connect to it. How about the panel access? Maybe we can just use it’s file manager instead of FTP. Or please contact your hosting provider about the error.

And please always add your credentials on a secure note. I moved them to your secure notes.


Hi have unlocked the FTP for 4 hours

Hi there,

Thank you for the information, I managed to access the file and enable the debug mode. I checked the error and found out that there is a Javascript error causing the issue. I deactivated the Power Pack and Me Calendar plugins and now the system goes to the Veryfieng mode and stucks there.

I need to check the plugin conflict possibility, that is why I want to ask you to deactivate all the plugins except the Cornerstone and try to validate and check the result.

I did not do that as it seems to be a live website and I don’t want to break anything.

Thank you.

I have put the site into maintenance mode so you can check the plugins.

Hi there,

Unfortunately the Error messaging is still disbaled in PHP settings of your hosting service privuder and the Internal Server Error is what we get.

Kindly contact your hosting service provider and ask them to enable the error reporting for PHP so that we can see the actual error causing the issue.

You can add this also for the message to the hosting service provider:

Hello [provider],

My WordPress installation is having a hard time making outbound HTTP requests. I’m using X theme and it makes a request to for setting up automatic updates. Here is the error message I’m receiving:

Could you please do the following?

Ensure my site can reach this domain:
Ensure cURL is working, and allow_url_fopen is enabled.
Ensure PHP is configured with the latest CA Root Certificates.
Please advise on anything you discover. Thank you.

Wait till they answer. Please be warned that all the plugins are disabled at the moment.

This is the reply I received - I must say this is the first time I have had so many problems with a theme.

Good afternoon

I have looked at the error logs for your site, and from what I can see, the primary cause of these errors appears to be as follows:

24079 [Fri Jan 05 15:59:18 2018] [error] [client] AH01215: PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<’, expecting end of file in /home/sites/ on line 8: /home/sites/
24080 [Fri Jan 05 15:59:20 2018] [error] [client] AH01215: PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<’, expecting end of file in /home/sites/ on line 8: /home/sites/
24082 [Fri Jan 05 15:59:23 2018] [error] [client] AH01215: PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<’, expecting end of file in /home/sites/ on line 8: /home/sites/

The file that it refers to contains the following lines of code:

<?php // ============================================================================= // HEADER.PHP // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- // The site header. // ============================================================================= ?> <?php x_get_view( 'header', 'base' ); ?>

While I am not a PHP developer, this looks wrong to me, as the first part of this file does not need to be there, and I would recommend removing it.

Hi There,

I have validated your site and now you should be able to update your X theme and install/update extensions as well.


Thanks for your hepl

You’re most welcome!

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