License Code won't stick

I have tried with multiple browsers. I paste in the license code and hit enter as the instructions state and all I get afterwards is a white page. License code will not stick.

Please fix this.

Hi There @BBLaser

Thanks for writing in! The WordPress user that you have created, does not have enough permission to check your site. Could you please grant administrator privileges to that user, so that we can check your issue.

In the meantime, try downloading the latest version of X theme from your Envato account, delete your current X theme and Cornerstone plugin, then re-install the latest version again and try to validate your site. When you have older versions installed on your site, our validation process will not be initiated correctly.

You can safely delete your X theme and Cornerstone plugin as it will save your current settings in the database.

You can check the latest version numbers from here ( and our update guide from the following link (

Also I would suggest you to check the validation troubleshooting guide from here (

Let us know how it goes.

Ugh! I’m so sorry! It’s now an admin account.

Attempted to follow your instructions, but I am unable to delete X. It does not have the delete option my other themes have as shown below:


Hello @BBLaser,

Thanks for updating the thread. :slight_smile:

Delete option is not showing is because X Child theme is currently active. Please activate default WordPress Theme like Twentyninteen and then you can delete X Theme.

To learn more how child theme works, please take a look at following resource.


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